Tango in the Dark

Presented by PointeTango (Montreal, Canada, and Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Rating: G
Genre: Dance, Music
Premiere?: US Premiere

★★★★★ Award-winning dance company PointeTango lights the way through the shadows of Buenos Aires. Join this sultry duo as they move to the rhythms of the city night with fantastic lifts, spins and the passion of Argentine tango music.

Show Creator(s): PointeTango: Erin Scott-Kafadar and Alexander Richardson, Payadora Tango Ensemble

About the Performer(s):

PointeTango is a unique dance company directed by choreographer and dancer, Alexander Richardson and created with lead dancer, Erin Scott-Kafadar. By pushing new boundaries in dance, PointeTango combines the intimacy of Argentine tango with the precision of classical ballet, creating a new dance vocabulary that is both intimate and bold. PointeTango has toured several award-winning full length shows extensively and enjoyed public support with sold-out shows and festival awards such as winning the “Best of the Festival” of the 2019 Saskatoon Fringe.

PointeTango has been creating dance film projects since 2016. Their most recent digital work is an hour-long film of dance and music entitled “Tango in the Dark” and created during the Covid-19 pandemic with tango orchestra, Payadora Tango Ensemble. It has received rave reviews and recognition since its digital premiere in February

Times (EDT):
Available On-Demand May 6th through May 9th!

Streaming Type: On-Demand

Platform: www.pointetango.com


"Pay What You Can" *Suggested $25 Donation

Purchase using the artist's website (linked below) to buy tickets, and the receipt will contain viewing information for the show. Please contact the artist at pointetango@gmail.com, or us if you have trouble receiving the link.

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Social Media
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PointeTangoProductions
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pointetango/
Twitter: http://twitter.com/pointetango

Fringes performed at:

London Ontario Fringe, Toronto Fringe, Victoria Fringe, Hamilton Fringe, Saskatoon Fringe, Regina Fringe, Windsor Fringe

Check out what others are saying:

“It was fantastic. Excellent production, highly creative and with world-class performers. We were enthralled.”

“This film, TANGO IN THE DARK, is a gem. To be enjoyed again and again. Filmed during a pandemic, every artist involved had to be creative and innovative.”

“Tango in the Dark was exceptionally entertaining.”

“I highly recommend buying a ticket to see this amazing piece. Dance, music, film - so creative. A work of art.”