Effing Robots: How I Taught the A.I To Stop Worrying And Love Humans

Presented by Giant Nerd Productions (Glasgow, Scotland, UK and Washington, D.C., USA)

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Multimedia
Premiere?: Pittsburgh Premiere

Artificial Intelligence is on the way, and it will be powerful. What happens when it arrives? How will it perceive humanity? Can it learn … to love?

Show Creator(s): L. Nicol Cabe

About the Performer(s):

I am a new media theatre artist.

I create shows inspired by our potential future, using speculative fiction, science fiction, and fantasy tropes. I write and perform scifi story-telling shows, direct new plays, and help playwrights develop their work.

Since 2016, I have travelled the world to fringe festivals with my speculative fiction performances. I have won sold out show, critic’s choice, and producer’s choice awards at several festivals over the years. When I perform my futuristic writing, I do so under my production company, Giant Nerd Productions.

I am also a dramaturg, director, and writer who focuses on brand new plays. I have worked on innovative shows produced by Annex Theatre, Copious Love Productions, Theater Schmeater, and Taproot Theatre in Seattle, Washington.

Currently, I am developing a thesis on new media and pandemic theatre in a Master of Letters program at the University of Glasgow in Scotland (commencing 2021). I am an alumna of Director’s Lab West (Pasadena, 2014), and a summa cum laude graduate of the University of South Carolina (Bachelor’s of Liberal Arts, theatre, 2006).

Times (EDT):
Available On-Demand May 6th through May 9th!

Streaming Type: On-Demand

Platform: YouTube



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Fringes performed at:

Seattle Fringe,
Solo Performer Fest (Seattle),
Fringe Explosion! (Seattle),
Rogue Festival (Fresno),
Oaho Fringe,
Atlanta Fringe,
Hollywood Fringe,
PortFringe (Portland, Maine),
San Diego Fringe,
Tucson Fringe,
Tampa International Fringe,
Orlando Fringe,
Adelaide Fringe (Australia),
Season 2 Online @TheSpaceUK,
Brighton Fringe (UK)

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